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30 בMay 2018
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30 בMay 2018


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Your garage door is a convenient addition to your home, and you want to keep it in great condition for as long as possible. Knowing what can ruin your garage door can help you avoid potential problems. Here are four things that can break or damage your garage door and should thus be avoided as much as possible.
Not Having Your Garage Door Inspected
You should have your garage door inspected at least once a year by your garage door specialist. There are many issues that can happen with your door at any time, especially if you open and close it on a daily basis. Hinges can break, your door can go off its track and gears and pulleys can wear out.
To prevent garage door damage, make an appointment with your garage door specialist at least once a year to make sure everything operates as it should. Depending on how frequently you use your garage door, your specialist may even recommend having your door inspected twice a year or more.
Failure to Replace Worn Parts
Your garage door will tell you when it’s failing: it will shudder or shake when opening or closing, get stuck midway in operation or even fail to operate at all. A number of factors can cause worn out parts, most commonly springs, which should be replaced after a certain number of uses. Talk to your garage door expert if you have any concerns about your garage door, and discontinue using the door until it has been properly inspected.
Leaving Dents in the Door
Garage door dents not only look unattractive and lessen your home’s curb appeal, they can actually cause your door to wear out more quickly as well. A dent in a steel or aluminum door can expose the metal to corrosion or rust and cause moisture damage. Furthermore, dents cause your door to work harder when opening and closing to compensate for its improper shape.
You can prevent dents by placing markers near your garage door when you approach your driveway so you don’t run into it. Discourage play in the rear of your driveway where your garage door is as well so you can prevent dents by children accidentally bumping into it.
A Perpetually Dirty Track
The track to your garage door is responsible for helping it stay aligned when it is opening and closing. When items get stuck in the track, such as rocks, dirt, small toys or even bits of candy, it can become a serious problem.
You can prevent track issues with your garage door by using an outdoor vacuum to gently remove all kinds of debris. You should also keep the track well-lubricated so it can assist your door in opening and closing with ease. Contact your garage door specialist for advice on how to keep your garage door track clean.
You should never place items directly in the path of your garage door when it is open, nor should you walk under it while it is still in operation. Garage door safety is key to having a well-working door that will last you for many years.
Your garage door is able to function more effectively when you know how to avoid common issues that can cause it fail. With your busy household, it can be difficult to practice proper garage door maintenance at all times, but in getting regular inspections and doing small day-to-day care, you can keep your door in better condition for longer.
For your garage door needs, allow our specialists at Garage Door Pros to assist you. Call our friendly and knowledgeable team today with your questions or concerns regarding your garage door.