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Automatic Gate And Garage Door Pros is the vibrant San Francisco Bay Area’s go-to access control solution provider. We excel in installing, fixing, and managing access control systems, granting you many choices to boost security and convenience on your residential or commercial property. Our unwavering dedication to excellence coupled with cutting-edge technology ensures dependable and streamlined access control solutions, all customized to suit your unique requirements. Trust us to safeguard your access with utmost reliability and efficiency.

Each property and person is different, which is why we offer custom service, installation, and repair to meet your unique needs. Whether you need an advanced security reader, alarm or reporting system, or even a keypad entry system, we will help ensure that your location is as secure as possible. You can trust us to recommend the best security solutions.




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Privacy and Security with Access Controls

 Privacy and security are basic needs but outside forces are always on the offense.  Access control systems can guarantee privacy and security for you, your tenants or your employees.

With a phone entry system, tenants or employees can enter with a personal code without the hassle of lost keys or lock charges and you can also keep track of who enters and exits the facility and when.


Our Services

Automatic Gates & Garage Door Pros offers a complete one stop service for your telephone entry system.

Some of the popular systems services we offer are:

Residential & commercial telephone entry systems installation & maintenance
Telephone intercom systems
Single or multi-user
Card access systems
Digital access systems

A telephone entry system is a communications system intended for limited or private dialogue, direction, collaboration or announcements. They can be portable or mounted permanently in buildings and vehicles. These systems can incorporate connections to telephones, cell phones and computers with running a web browser.

Automatic Gates & Garage Door Pros can guide you in choosing the perfect. Our phone or intercom entry systems have the capability to work from single family homes to large, gated communities with hundreds of apartment or studio units. Whether you are using a high-voltage or a low voltage system, our extensive line of telephone entry systems will assist in providing the security you are looking for.


Arrival time up to two hours.

*New Motors and Door Installation: We will beat any local competitor’s price by $15 off guaranteed.