Keep Your Property Safe with Access Control

Advanced security systems and access control systems are sure to help you keep your home and your business safe. When you want to make sure that you have the best system installed at your home or office, then it’s time to turn to us, GD PROS & Smart Gates. We have years of experience working in the area, alongside the ability provide you with custom access control systems to perfectly meet your needs.

We Offer Access Control Options You’ll Love

Your needs are going to be specific to you, which is why we offer custom service, installation, and repair. Whether you need an advanced security reader, alarm or reporting system, or even a keypad entry system, we will help ensure that your location is as secure as possible. You can trust us to provide you with a number of security options to choose from.

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The ability to provide privacy and security to many in an efficient and intelligent way.

Two things that are basic needs for people privacy and security. nowadays, outside forces infringe upon those two ideas on a regular basis. The use of a telephone entry system can return them back to you, your tenants or your employees.

A phone entry system can be both time and cost efficient for property owners. Instead of dealing with the time and money it takes to replace lost keys and change locks, each of your employees or tenants can receive their own code. It helps you keep track of the times your employees enter and leave your facility as well.

Our Services

GD PROS & Smart Gates offers a complete one stop service for all telephone entry system needs. We will assist you providing the proper system for your individual requirements.

Some of the popular systems services we offer are:

Residential & commercial telephone entry systems installation & maintenance
Telephone intercom systems
Single or multi-user
Card access systems
Digital access systems

A telephone entry system is an electronic communications system intended for limited or private dialogue, direction, collaboration or announcements. They can be portable or mounted permanently in buildings and vehicles. These systems can incorporate connections to telephones, cell phones and computers with running a web browser.

Garage Door Pros can help guide you in choosing the perfect system for all of your residential or commercial phone entry system needs. Our phone or intercom entry systems have the capability to work from single family homes to large gated communities with hundreds of apartment or studio units. Whether you are using a high-voltage or a low voltage system, our extensive line of telephone entry systems will assist in providing the security you is looking for.

Arrival time up to two hours.

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