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Your garage door is one of the most valuable part of your home. Just think about how often you raise and lower it. Maintaining your garage door can extend its lifespan and prevent repairs. First, If your garage doors are exposed to excessive levels of salt or soot, you should clean them more frequently. Second, If your garage door has timber finish, please follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.


Even when you keep your garage door with high maintenance, few problems may occur. the most common problem is the simplest one – the motor unit has been unplugged so neither the remote control or wall switch operates the opener.

Or, for instance the garage door opens correctly but fails to close completely. in that case you should probably adjust the close-limit switch or the safety sensors.
Sometimes, a garage door replacement is an option, depending on whether it is still in production or the rest of the door is in good enough shape. In some cases the better economic solution is to replace the complete door.
A damaged garage door or opener can be harmful to you and your family’s security and safety. Garage door professionals specialize in garage door repairs on all brands and models. We’ll diagnose the problem and provide the best and efficient solution you need to get your garage door or opener back on track.


Have a commercial or residential garage door in need of repair? At GD PROS & Smart Gates, we’re experienced with repairing all types of garage doors. Whether you have a sliding gate, overhead door, or opener-chain system, we do it all and guarantee your 100% satisfaction. Call us about your garage door, and we’ll come by today.


No matter where you live, your possessions need protection. At GD PROS & Smart Gates, we offer garage door weatherstripping to protect the contents in your garage from rain, dust, and debris. You can rest assured that our high-quality seals will keep both your door and your garage safe from the elements.

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Your time is valuable to us. That’s why we offer fast-response, same-day service. We want to spend the time it takes to get your garage door running smoothly, and we will get the job done well the first time. If you need an emergency repair, call us any time, day or night – GD PROS & Smart Gates is on the job. We are committed to the highest standards of honesty and integrity in our work.

For quality service on your garage door, get in touch with the local professionals of the community. Contact GD PROS & Smart Gates today.


Arrival time up to two hours.

*New Motors and Door Installation: We will beat any local competitor’s price by $15 off guaranteed.